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April 17, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is nice: an excerpt on cartooning from a forthcoming work by Jeff Danziger.

image* I was reminded the other day that the strip Party Lines by Ethan Rilly and Jeet Heer continues.

* I keep wanting to post a link to this illustrated essay by Lisa Hanawalt profiling Wylie Dufresne, but I keep making excuses not to, so I'm going to put it here in case I make it all the way to Thursday and haven't put it up yet.

* Dave Richards talks to Mike Marts. Jeffrey Renaud talks to Van Jensen. Richard Bruton talks to Alison Sampson. Art Lortie remembers Fred Kida.

* it's hard to imagine something more fun than Chicago in the summertime, taking a class from John Porcellino. If you can't get to Chicago, you can take this correspondence course with Frank Santoro.

* Ollie Ottoman on The Infinite Wait. Richard Bruton on Genesis. Tom Murphy on Fatima: The Blood Spinners.

* Gary Tyrrell reacts to the Eisners. Corey Blake reacts to the Eisners.

* it's like alt shelf porn.

* there are virtues of many business, but the virtues of small, independent bookstores -- near-cousins to comic book shops in a lot of ways -- are these days becoming a bigger topic of conversation, even as their struggles are seen in bolder relief.

* not comics: I agree with this sentiment. There's a lot to be learned from working with print even if you ended up putting most of your stuff on-line -- this applies to almost every expression or vocation that can be done in either place.

* Joe Gordon discusses a bar named after Gerald Scarfe.

* I'm grateful to Fantagraphics for keeping us up on Janet Hamlin's work.

* finally, Nate Powell will only be selling original art through his Etsy store for a limited time, so if you want to buy from him that way, make that happen.
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