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April 21, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* J. Caleb Mozzocco on Operation Margarine.

* not comics: it's fun to look at home libraries, and I'm all for small/modest over expansive/decadent, but these are all pretty nice spaces to begin with.

* not comics: a photo from the Star Wars panel at the 1976 San Diego Comic-Con. With its callbacks to old movie serials, Star Wars fit very comfortably into the more general nostalgia culture of which comics was a part. I tell this story more than it deserves, but I remember seeing a trailer or two and thinking it all took place on the moon.

* Gary Dunaier didn't get his flickr set from MoCCA up until Friday, but it's a good one, and you should go and visit it if you're interested in seeing photos from that show. There are a lot more pictures of programming than other sets I've seen, and a bunch of shots that remind me of a way a photojournalist might approach the show in terms of getting events and specific locations included.

* this article on the lack of superhero women in superhero movies isn't really razor-sharp in terms of its point to point analysis, but it does remind that people may react extremely positively to characters like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel when they get folded into the big superhero universe.

* Matt Hawkins provides pitching advice.

* hey look, a Miyazaki beer label. I thought if you took photos at that musem a large, decaying monster appeared on the horizon and shot beams at you until you stopped.

* I'm reasonably sure I've never been able to find true love and the happiness that might come with it just so that when I do I can honeymoon in this room.

* this SPACE report also has a look at a couple of the walls of the Watterson exhibit at Billy Ireland.

* speaking of recent festivals, I don't think I ever drove attention from the main part of this blog to this nice letter from Sean T. Collins about this year's MoCCA Festival. I really do think it's interesting that people kind of aim at the mass of shows right around then knowing they can push back a premiere if they're going to a later one.

* Jessica Lee takes a look at the forthcoming Oily Comics spring bundled and some of the treasures within.

* finally, here's a preview of those David Chelsea bowling balls. Those look amazing.
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