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April 22, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Sean Gaffney on xxxHolic Rei Vol. 1. Charles Solomon on The Complete Cul De Sac. Joe Gordon on Brass Sun #1. Some nice Page 45 folks on some nice-looking books. Joshuaon on Stray Bullets. James Kaplan on Shutter #1. Rob McMonigal on The Glorkian Warrior Delivers A Pizza.

* how to throw a comic-con at your library.

* Allison Baker writes about some idiot selling an anti-fangirl t-shirt at WonderCon. In addition to it being a noxious sentiment, the t-shirt is atrociously ugly and people love coffee rather than hate it, so it's basically like three centimeters this side of a parody shirt. I'm sorry if there were any little girl fans -- or any fans at all -- that had their day made a little bit more of a bummer by encountering that. One thing that occurred to me reading some of the commentary around the Internet is that "fangirl" is a really messed-up word as used over the years. For one thing, I swear that when I first encountered it in the 1990s, it didn't even refer to slavish devotion to fan interests at all in the way fanboy did but was more of a codeword for perceived female comics groupies. That's right: it was assumed that fanboys could be into books and comics, and fangirls were into dudes. One of the reasons I believe there has to be a self-critical aspect to the kind of cultural scouring comics needs and it can't just be about policing others or hitting the aberrant cutting edge with a mallet is a lot of this stuff goes very, very deep.

* I can't remember posting a link to this Megan Byrd article about a Noelle Stevenson store signing in support of Lumberjanes, and a search of my files says no, so here that is. That book should perform very well.

* Laura Hudson profiles Matt Fraction on the subject of the very successful series Sex Criminals. I think there have been a few more good comics about sex than this article indicates -- there's also the chance you could just go round and round on definitions there -- but it is kind of odd there aren't more, for sure. Rob Kirby talks to Jason Martin.

* the cartoonist Ed Piskor receives the hometown publication Eisner nominee profile, one of the underrated articles in the media-cover-of-comcs pantheon. Sharon Eberson wrote this one.

* I have got to get me one of these tiki bar backdrops. Not that me hosting videocasts would be the biggest comics disaster of all time; I just want my office to look like that.

* finally, Mike Rhode has a photo set up of a museum appearance by Shelton Drum's exhibition of original comics art. I saw pieces of that art back in Charlotte in like 2010, I think; Drum's collection is a fine one, and it's always a blast to look at original art in unique settings.
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