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April 25, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Yuck. Good on the site for taking that down within minutes. I think messageboard and comments policy is something that every site may have to revisit in the weeks and months ahead, and that's a difficult area considering the traffic involved and how anything in that neighborhood of concern has free-speech elements.

image* Richard Bruton on Valerian And Laureline Volume Seven: On The False Earths. Zainab Akhtar on Thermohalia. Daryl Cagle on Trackrat. James Kaplan on The Private Eye.

* look at all the supermen.

* Alex Dueben talks to Stefano Raffaele.

* Umberto Eco, comics maker.

* Andrew Weiss goes after the notion that fans collectively or individually have power over entertainment media decisions. I agree with him that such power is usually overstated, I suspect to flatter that hardcore fandom.

* I always make fun of people who find out about stuff through cartoons or satirical TV shows, but I had no idea this was a law.

* here's one of those comments-thread driven posts from the site io9 on the best Marvel Comics story. I don't know that I've ever thought about it in exactly those terms before. I think the best run of comics that Marvel ever published is that set of Fantastic Four comic books from the introduction of the Inhumans through the Him issues (#44-67), but like a lot of comics of that era I'm not sure how effectively it conforms to being seen as a single story.

* not comics: yikes.

* here's a nice post showing some of the hands-on archival work for the SPX collection at the Library Of Congress. That Drew Weing mini is indeed a very good mini.

* finally, I stumbled across this now-defunct cover-focused site due to I think a twitter mention; I wonder how many sites like that there are out there, valuable yet no longer updated. I bet it's a ton -- I know a lot of people that have switched over from doing any kind of blog to established social media platforms only.
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