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April 26, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* James Whitbrook on Batman '66/Wonder Woman '77 and Star-Lord #6.

* the latest era at Marvel Comics I would suggest begins when they brought the Inhumans to the forefront of the company. At the time it seemed like a pile-on: Marvel's deep bench included a little-utilized Jack Kirby concept! It hasn't gone well in its execution.

* Laurenn McCubbin pointed out to me something that sounds like it'll be true: if this WGA strike happens, comics companies are going to be crushed by an avalanche of writers seeking work. If you're an acquisitions editor, maybe volunteer for a different gig?

* people shit on Jack Kirby's scripting but I think his raw, emotional, bombastic approach works great here.

* finally: a discussion about taking a story unpopular with many fans right out of its appropriate continuity.
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