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April 27, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* by request extra: great movement in the last 24 on the Retrofit crowd-funder. They could get there if they have an amazing close, or if they have someone willing to pay it out.

image* Alexander Lu on Be Prepared. Rob Clough on The Dragon Slayer.

* not comics: Steve Foxe has several interesting things to say about Marvel's general inability to sell comics based on their movies. I appreciate his reminder that they did a good job driving fans towards an Iron Man series ten years ago. That's my memory as well. For the most part, what works is a single volume to which retailers can direct readers, with anything else playing a secondary role. For this one, I think Marvel should have gone with a prestige Thanos book the way that the Lee Bermejo drawn book featuring The Joker did well after one of the Batman movies. But that's just a hunch. Whatever they're doing movie to movie, though, doesn't seem to work.

* Sloane Leone talks to Nivedita Sekar.

* finally: a look inside the re-issue of Craig Thompson's Carnet De Voyage.
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