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March 28, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this is your semi-frequent reminder to vote for this year's Eisner Hall Of Fame class, if you're eligible.

image* someone from a French-language magazine interviews Darryl Cunningham. Sherif Elkhatib talks to Kelly Sue DeConnick. Dan Wickline talks to Mark Waid. Bryan Schott talks to Pat Bagley. Joseph Philip Illidge talks to Jamie Broadnax.

* there's a nice classic blogging-style round-up of links at The Beat pertaining to an Omaha comics shop -- one of the initial wave of comics shops -- opening after a brief vacation forced upon the retailer by fire. Congratulations to them on getting back up and running so quickly. I hope that we have retailers that devoted for the next 50 years.

* the first volume of March makes a pair of universities' required freshman reading lists.

* Paul Constant writes about a bunch of different Fantagraphics works in trying to suss out potential futures for the venerable, alt-comics institution. I think they've had their best year in a few so far in 2014, and look forward to some of their projects (the Eleanor Davis, the collected Witzend) as much as any coming out from any publisher the rest of 2014.

* speaking of Fantagraphics, some people were upset by this tweet. Unless Gary has suddenly started speaking like Yosemite Sam, it's clearly joke, and while it's not the best joke, to gripe about it on-line as if some line is crossed the way that people occasionally seize on troubling instances of racism and sexism seems like an expression of entitlement culture to me. No one has to make sure their jokes don't somehow cause ripples on the waters of your self-conception. Whipping people up into frothy resentment over something like that seems like a ridiculous waste of time, and my life is basically devoted to wasting time. I responded here.

* finally, Sonia Harris picks 10 weird autobiographical comics. (They're not really weird as much as they're good.)
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