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April 28, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it's fun reading all of these We Are Comics tumblr stories. When I was a kid until I was a young man, comics was a solitary pursuit. I had friends that would read some of my comics the same way I'd listen to their music or play their videogames, but the passionate interest was mine alone until age 25. I've been very lucky since then that my professional and personal interest in comics has always taken place in the context of various communities full of folks that enjoyed different race, age, gender, ability and orientation profiles than my own. So We Are Comics is just what comics looks like to me. I hope that never changes.

image* Dominic Umile on Invisible Wounds.

* not comics: Martin Wisse explains what people were upset with concerning the Hugo Awards. I thought it was the fact that some people with noxious political views were nominated after aggressively campaigning for it; it's actually a little bit more gross than that, that it was an intrusion of basic cable-TV seeming politics into that world for reasons of resentment over another awards program. That seems really sad to me, in a pathetic way, and I hope comics doesn't end up in that place any time soon.

* we're talking a pretty specific thing here, but I've always loved when a comics shop has had an overflow space next door: a Nordstrom Rack for nerds. Not sure I've seen one in quite a while. Here's a photo of one such set-up from Seattle of a couple of decades (at least) ago.

* Team Comics Alternative talks to Bob Fingerman.

* not comics: pretty art by Farel Dalrymple and Connor Willumsen that flashed by on my Facebook feed at 5:39 PM yesterday.

* here's what I will hope will be a semi-regular reminder to vote in the Eisners if you're eligible. Please vote. For one thing, you need to make up for the fact that I can't.

* hadn't seen until this weekend that someone spent the time tracking down names for folks in that wonderful 1969 New York con dinner photo, best known in my circle of friends as the "Gary Groth as a really, really young man, and no that's not Kim sitting next to him" photo. A lot of them are reasonably obvious once you look at them closely with the name in mind, like John Buscema and Roy Thomas.

* finally, I don't understand this article -- like I can't figure exactly which parts of the individual entries are the truths being denied -- but I'm sure many folks out there will enjoy it and maybe you will, too.
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