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April 29, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this Jack Ohman cartoon is drawing its fair share of attacks, including one from Governor Rick Perry. It seems in bounds to me, but I have a very low threshold for "allowable" commentary -- I figure just about everything is on the table. I have to imagine that this is a story I'll update enough to make its own point today or tomorrow.

image* Brigid Alverson talks to Jason DeAngelis. TJ Dietsch talks to Frank Quitely. Alex Dueben talks to Denis Kitchen and Michael Schumacher, Miriam Katin, Chris Schweizer and Gregg Taylor.

* Charles Forsman recently added Hidden Fortress Press material to the all-important Muster List.

* Marc Tyler Nobleman would like you to know why his book, Bill The Boy Wonder, should have been nominated for an Eisner. It's refreshing in that it doesn't blame Frank Santoro.

* Mike Dawson passes along this link to a letter of complaint about his scouting-related book, Troop 142.

* Dan Archer writes about his recent comics work about human trafficking.

* Ward Sutton reviews the latest David Sedaris in comics form.

* cartoonists take the best notes.

* not comics: I'm not a gamer, tabletop or computer, but I love the fact that we have these texts we don't understand and they're only like 45 years old.

* I am all for charitable efforts by big companies, and therefore I am happy to see DC doing some good with this charitable enterprise.

* finally, I like the colors in this Lisa Hanawalt image.
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