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April 30, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough profiles the very funny Meghan Turbitt. Jana Riess on G. Willow Wilson.

* Richard Bruton recommends two of the more community-minded advocacy efforts that have been popping up as of late.

* Rob McMonigal on Puddles. Jason on various comics. Andy Oliver on The Homesick Truant's Cumbrian Yarn #1. Mat Colegate on the various publications from Decadence. Sean Gaffney on Higurashi: When They Cry Vol. 25. Grant Goggans on Pogo: Prisoner Of Love. J. Caleb Mozzocco on The Harlem Hellfighters.

* Bob Temuka writes about an interesting comics-culture expression: the way enthusiasm for comics can overtake more responsible consumption habits.

* the writer Johanna Draper Carlson questions specific elements of recent Marvel PR.

* Roger Langridge draws Captain America fighting Popeye, and makes little secret as to which side he leans.

* Sean Kleefeld notes a couple of post-Golden Age Of Newspaper Strip efforts and suggests that maybe it's not always the shrinking space provided by newspaper that was the culprint in terms of people not doing a certain kind of art on the comics page anymore.

* the writer Sean T. Collins riffs on that "convenient canon" article from several days back as I did, but goes in a more comics-specific direction: comparing the lack of HBO television series on specific platforms to Marvel Comics falling behind DC in terms of building in the public's imagination a pantheon of worthy works because it's so much harder to see and access their worthy material. I do think Marvel's mess of a books program costs them money, but I never wondered after whether it cost them prestige.

* CF draws an image from that omnipresent relic of the early VHS rental days: Liquid Sky.

* I'm blogging a few days ahead right now from personal necessity, so I hope that you've already read Paul Tumey's piece at on a new, emerging, Seattle cartooning scene.

* finally, Paul Gravett places a new Alan Moore exhibition into the context of older Alan Moore-related exhibitions.
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