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April 30, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Marc Sobel on X-Men: Grand Design. Priscilla Frank on The Pervert. Rosie Knight on Naima. Todd Klein on The Flash #45.

* Gil Roth talks to Steven Heller, with bonus comics content. Lisa L. Colangelo talks to Peter J. Tomasi.

* assembled extra: I've been looking for an article that resembles the streaming films listings that so many magazines run. What's on sale and where will either be mainstreamed into coverage sites or becomes its own, "Ben's Bargains"-like site.

* go, read: "Small Mistakes Make Big Problems."

* not comics: I've found most of the initial writing on the new Avengers movie to be pretty baffling. I suspect that this movie will continue the trend of the Black Panther movie and different levels when it comes to its nature as narrative art and its functionality as pop culture service. I could be wrong.

* finally, I'm not sure I've sussed out the specific prescription here, but I enjoyed reading the article and thinking about the connections between corporate culture and pop culture is almost always satisfying.
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