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May 1, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Ken Eppstein is looking for Columbus-area cartoonists to contribute to a section he's putting together for Columbus Alive!.

image* Kerry Winfrey talks to MariNaomi. Pat Dowell profiles Ralph Steadman. Dan Brown profiles Diana Tamblyn. Neil Gaiman talks to Art Spiegelman. Sam Hockley-Smith talks to Josh Bayer. J. Caleb Mozzocco talks to Danica Novgorodoff. Cat Doss talks to Molly Alice Hoy. Jami Kunzer profiles Brad Fennessy. Chris Sims talks to Box Brown. Steve Sunu talks to Rick Remender.

* these are cute.

* Batman, no!

* Richard Bruton on Lucky Luke, Kochi Wanaba, Overrun, Alpha and I Am Michael Watcher. Ng Suat Tong on Nijigahara Holograph. Scott Cederlund on The Eltingville Club #1. Dominic Umile on Truth Is Fragmentary. Whit Taylor on A Body Beneath. Dan Nadel on Diana. Daniel Kalder on Pachyderme.

* not comics: did they ever?

* this list of comics for the summer is heavily, heavily, heavily skewed towards superhero and genre comics, but it's always interesting to get a snapshot of any of comics' myriad worlds of expression.

* I have yet to catch up with this women and autobio comics roundtable over at, but I'm interested to see where that one goes.

* Andy Oliver writes about getting that initial coverage for a brand-new book, particularly those done early on by a cartoonist.

* finally, Todd McFarlane shows off his rejection letters.
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