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May 2, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* I believe this interview with Peter Bagge about Margaret Sanger was performed by Lee Callahan, but I could be completely wrong about that. I'm only now just catching up to it. Joe Krawec does a two-parter with Steve Orlando. Steve Sunu talks to Gene Luen Yang. John Rosman profiles Dave Stewart. The Tell Me Something I Don't Know team interviews Nicole Georges.

* not comics: congratulations to Paul Tobin on this massive prose book deal. Tobin has always taken his writing very seriously, and in comics has written the very fun webcomic Bandette with Colleen Coover, among others. I own every issue. The book series also sounds fun, I hope he makes a billion dollars.

* Frederik Hautain on Southern Bastards #1. Abhay Khosla on various mainstream comics.

* yeah, probably not a good idea to make fun of a convention-goer no matter how right in doing so you think you are.

* I quite liked this article by C. Spike Trotman about the problems with printing adult material. This has always been a problem -- my recollection is that what usually happens is that someone working directly with the material sees something and objects, although I could be wrong that that's the main way objections are developed to those kinds of comics. I hope that some printers take the advice offered to be explicit in terms of their support for such work and to fully extend that support without making publishers jump through hoops in terms of indicating potentially sensitive material or, even worse, the chance of bailing on a job mid-gig. Some of the best comics and most important can have adult elements in them, and there's no reason not to be straight up and adult about it.

* the great Al Columbia is profiled in Hi Fructose.

* finally, Mike Gold writes about the enduring appeal of conventions as experienced at two very different shows on the same weekend.

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