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May 3, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* saw the new Avengers movie yesterday. Thought it was mostly limp and disjointed, which surprised me as I mostly enjoy those movies. I thought the acting in particular was clunkier than usual, actors doing things with lines that struck me as counter-intuitive if not outright randomly selected. The computer effects seemed better than I remembered. I liked the visuals of what seemed to be a faithful representation of those new bad guy characters, Thanos' gang. I liked Brolin as Thanos. I would have loved it without reservation as a kid, I think.

* David Travis Bland surveys the comic shops of Columbia, South Carolina in a largely hopeful article.

* not comics: there will soon be a streaming service available focusing on DC Comics stuff, including one would imagine the recent run of popular, overlapping TV series. I guess this could have an effect on strategies regarding their comics.

* finally: congratulations to Jeanine Schaefer on her appointment to Executive Editor at BOOM!
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