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May 4, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* another set of legal battles for Stan Lee, this time over the POW! Entertainment company.

image* Beth Carswell profiles W. Heath Robinson.

* Greg McElhatton on Earth 2 #1. Todd Allen on Dial H For Hero.

* if you haven't caught up to it yet: Jack Kirby In Three Parts. That's one of this week's foundational articles, for sure.

* speaking of Jack Kirby, I don't think there's anything in a move to donate the matching cost of an Avengers movie ticket to The Hero Initiative or the CBLDF that's going to do a lot of actual solving of any the issues on folks' minds, but it's awesome when those two groups get money so I am all for it.

* I'm confused as to what the hell is going on here, but those names at the end are pretty amusing.

* the San Francisco Chronicle details the short but active history of Free Comic Book Day. I've only been in a comics shop once on that day, so it's hard for me to make any sweeping conclusions. I imagine it works very well for certain people.

* Kiel Phegley talks to Andi Watson. some nice person at the New York Times talks to Neil Gaiman. Milton Griepp talks to Lance Fensterman. Michael Cavna talks to Stan Lee.

* it's bizarre for me to wrap my mind around any serious comic book fan with lot of knowledge as to what's out there not apparently buying anything along the lines of a Jim Woodring and Jaime Hernandez, although I realize there are tens of thousands of people that fit that description.

* finally, hey, look: it's Tom Gauld.
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