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May 5, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* on the road with Geoffrey Hayes.

image* the great Paul Gravett takes the opportunity provided by the Jack Kirby exhibit at Fumetto to write a longish post on the King Of Comics.

* as suspected on early Monday, it's been confirmed that the frequent industry site commentator Alan Coil has passed away. He's remembered in a number of places where he tended to hang out, such as The Beat and Comics Worth Reading. It's fascinating how virtual communities work, and I think that it's likely we'll all have experiences losing someone in this fashion over the next couple of decades. Our condolences to friends and family.

* David King saw yesterday's catalog of people reading comics and sent along a link to this lovely and slightly-heartbreaking one.

* this article about Dark Horse building a mailing list through a contest is somewhat compelling, but the exchange afterward is even more so. I don't see this is an evil at all, and I'm more buyer beware than I am shame on the seller with this stuff generally.

* all about the Bat Logo. (thanks, Jacob Covey)

* I thought this post kind of fascinating for the idea that editors try to basically fix things according to fan reaction. That just seems to me like shoveling water, but I could be working from a faulty set of assumptions.

* the comics business news and analysis site reports that Micha Hershman has been promoted to Vice President of Marketing from her former position as senior director of marketing. The person currently in that position, Anita Nelson, is taking on the newly-created position of Vice President Of Business Affairs.

* Mark Evanier talks MAD.

* the writer and industry pundit Graeme McMillan takes a second to pontificate on the status of the "New Mainstream" concept that entered into our consciousness by lots of people screaming about it every third year or so.

* finally, JH Williams has a very nice post here about the intermediary stages on the way to a finished cover.
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