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May 6, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* who can disagree?

* in case you missed it: Marc Bell's Iron Man.

image* not comics: Mitch O'Connell paints one fine-looking Penelope Pitstop. You'll want to see the whole thing, and really big besides. This KISS by a young O'Connell is nearly as awesome.

* not comics: writers as smokers.

* a language-focused blog uses the old-timey strip The Troubles Of Dictionary Jaques as the basis for a post. (thanks, Devlin)

* here's a nice interview with Oliver East that I believe was part of the interviewer's research for a larger project. What's nice about that is that it can jump around a bit; there's no pressure on it to be a cohesive piece in and of itself. There are any number of topics touched on, like this statement that kicks of a mini-section on process.
"There's never any plan to what I do. I take every page as it comes and the book ends up how it ends up. The only things I work from are the notes, the written notes -- I don't make any sketches, I don't take any photographs -- the written notes I take while I'm out on the walk. I don't have even a vague plan of how a book's going to pan out, I just do a page a day, and it develops depending on how I feel on that day, depending on who I've read that day, depending on who I think is cool at the moment, depending on who I think I want to make art like, depending on if I think I'm successful or if I think I'm not."
A ton more through the link.

* here's an essay on East by Gavin McDonald that I don't remember whether or not it's related to the previously linked-to material.

* missed it: this is USA Today's preview article on last weekend's Free Comic Book Day.

* finally, I also missed this mash-up poster the first time around, but it's kind of amazing in its own way. I just realized that I have no idea what Star Wars means as a cultural signifier to anyone under 30. I bet it's kind of weird.
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