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May 7, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* foundational comics blogger Mike Sterling reports on what sounds like a very successful Free Comic Book Day. I think my favorite part of that promotion as it's developed is reading about the various ways different stores have been able to use it really, really well.

image* I'm thinking a team of adventure-comics teammates whose major ability is sleeping a lot would have a lot to say to young people today.

* Gary Tyrrell talks to Meredith Gran. Tom Racine talks to Anne Hambrock.

* not comics: the Hooray For Wally Wood blog points out that one potential benefit of having the Wally Wood Estate under active guardianship is that we're going to see things like more t-shirts featuring the Wood-created characters.

* Rob Clough on Goliath. Bob Temuka on Comic Book Men. Don MacPherson on GI Combat #1. John Kane on a bunch of comics. Sean Gaffney on Fallen Words. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Secret Six: Cats In The Cradle. Bart Croonenborghs on Rogue Trooper: Tales Of Nu-Earth Vol. 1. Johanna Draper Carlson on Daredevil #12. Michael Buntag on Velveteen And Mandela. Dave Press on Harvey Pekar's Cleveland.

* there's really no turning down an invitation to game night at Dean Mullaney's house.

* Paul Gravett reports in from Napoli. Then he takes in the Max show in Madrid.

* not comics: not familiar with the exact quote or the artist here.

* I like that on my vacation last week to East Central Indiana to get away from comics a bit, I was within a few miles of Mark Evanier, Jim Davis and Mark Waid.

* finally, some random Avengers-related stuff. Bully pulls out various eras' treatment of an Avengers #1 cover. The editorial cartoonists at the Cagle site use the movie's popularity for some visual-reference humor. Lauren Davis writes on an Avengers-related fashion show. Here's a nice-looking Kirby Avengers cover -- that might be the best one of Kirby's run on that title.
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