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May 9, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* well, ouch.

image* I'm pretty certain that today is the last day Comic-Con International hotel room deposits are fully refundable through Travel Planners.

* not comics: I'm reading an E.B. White book off and on right now, so I'd be partial to his letter to kids about a library even it weren't terrific, which I think it is. (thanks, Devlin Thompson)

* it's difficult to tell if "Professor Zoom" is the best or worst name for any super-villain, ever. It's probably a pretty good one. While there's admittedly very little reason anyone would choose to do evil things in the way that many superhero comics just have folks running around being full-time shitheads, there's even less of a chance that many among them except the extravagantly flamboyant would call themselves something grim.

* I don't quite get why this would ever be in question. The most interesting thing about that kind of phenomena is the nerd aspect of it, this assumed primacy of a specific kind of consumer fused to a very broad definition of comics consumption. In other words, I'm all for people dressing up like Thor, but I don't really see it as all that interesting in terms of their identities as comics readers and/or comics makers. It's basically trivia. The writer Peter David recently attended a chunk of a comics show as The Green Hornet; David Boswell at TCAF this past weekend charmingly admitted more than once to a less-than-intense interest in the world of comics and cartooning. It takes all kinds of orientations. As for attractive movie and television personalities faking a level of interest in a subject matter to promote something, that seems like it's been going on since 1938, and I'm suspicious that it relates to the initial question except in the broadest sense. It'd be rough on television and movie studios if fans of those media applied the same authenticity tests to those dopey actors littering the stands during the World Series and NBA Finals, trying hard to look interested in something other than their assigned television cameo.

* not comics: I'm not sure how many folks are aware of this, but there are a bunch of Stan Lee movie ideas in note form among his papers at the University of Wyoming. He literally at one point just started jotting down film ideas. The post linked-to above does make me wonder if there's anything in the Marvel western canon that could be done as films. My memory is that they're not super-strong conceptually, that they're solid but not spectacular, but I could be wrong.

* finally, another piece of not comics: Marvel is apparently going to redeploy some of its library of cartoons on the Netflix streaming service. The Marvel cartoons are probably a bigger factor than we realize in building a core audience for many of their properties, but I haven't seen anyone seriously engage that subject since the first X-Men movie came out.
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