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May 9, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Marvel goes exclusive with comiXology. Well, at least they didn't try and fail to distribute themselves before going exactly the easiest direction indicated by the broadest market forces. In comics, we call that an evolutionary leap.

image* Brad Mackay on Jerusalem: Chronicles From The Holy City. Rob Clough on Teleny And Camille. Charles Yoakum on the Avengers movie. Nina Stone on The Rabbi's Cat. Sean Kleefeld on Snarked. Brendan Horton on The Invisible Man. Johanna Draper Carlson on a couple of random comics.

* David Brothers points out the anally-fixated humor he's encountered in comics recently. If I remember that one pop-culture study class I took, there's all sorts of developmental psychology stuff that springs to mind with humor like that. Plus, butt jokes are funny.

* Jonathan P. Kuehlein talks to Guy Delisle. Bill Baker talks to Mark Wheatley, Steve Lieber, JR Han and Ramona Fradon. Danno Klonowski talks to Zander Cannon.

* so the Marvel Free Comic Book Day comic was edited to take out the worst aspects of a heroine being stripped and interrogated by two creeps. There are better aspects to that scenario? There are no other comics to use? I'd make a joke about Picasso's penis here, but that shit wasn't funny.

* not comics: an Oliver East drawing is up for charitable auction.

* hey, Paul Karasik in The New Yorker.

* finally, Michael T. Gilbert pays tribute to Alan Moore.
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