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May 9, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* James Kaplan on Noah. John Struan on The Wrenchies. Todd Klein on The Royals #2. Daniel Kalder on Retroworld.

* one feature that I've had in the bookmarks for a while but never quite found the place to put it is this one from the Guardian from prose author Audrey Niffenegger on her recent artistic collaboration with life collaborator Eddie Campbell.

* I enjoyed this recent, reasonably well-traveled (by which I mean there have been several links to it and some discussion) piece by Saladin Ahmed about the Golden Age of comic books that recasts the American cultural anus seizing around comic books in the late 1950s -- and concurrent changes in the economy -- in terms of a shift in the kind of art that comics had available. I think that's a fair observation, or at least an arguable one, although I'd like more tools to process why this happened. One we do have is the one suggested by Dan Nadel in his two hardcover Art anthologies, that the lack of a viable underground kept many of the odder and more expressive artists under the tent of commercial comics production; I'd love to see similar stabs at the process of aesthetic calcification that took place.

* Jason draws the comics Jasons.

* Alex Dueben talks to Stefano Raffaele.

* we're into a second weekend with that big new Spider-Man movie. Last week, Brian Cronin dug into one of that character's seminal comic book plots. He also wrote about the thing with that character and bridges, which I imagine is probably based on the plot point discussed in that first link. I thought this ComicsAlliance art post was nice, too. One of the great comic book characters, that Spider-Man. It's worth a reminder that Johnny Ryan draws a damn fine J Jonah Jameson, but part of me thinks that character has yet to appear in this cycle of films (I haven't seen them).

* Brandon Graham did a comic on how he met Marian Churchland.

* finally, Chris Sims enthuses over the art of Katie Skelly, one of this weekend's 18 billion TCAF exhibitors.
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