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May 10, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Ethan Heitner sent along a link to this compelling article, which I'll pass along to you without commentary. I agree with the note Heitner sent me that it's the issue that intrigues rather than this article's specific treatment of the same. It's also pretty much not comics, or at least the stuff that interests me isn't.

image* Ralph Gardner profiles the great Drew Friedman. I derive a lot of pleasure just looking at Drew Friedman's art. Laura Sydell talks to Dan Clowes. Nicole Rudick talks to Diane Noomin. The Ninja Consultant show people talk to Felipe Smith. Kiel Phegley talks to Ed Brubaker.

* Todd Klein with a snippet of information on logo master Ira Schnapp. I always liked this Schnapp effort.

* someone win the lottery and hire Kiel Phegley away from CBR so he can fulfill his destiny as the comics' culture first full-time travel writer. I'm imagining a TV show version splitting time with Frank Santoro.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco on a bunch of comics. Some nice person at PW on Folly. Walter Wehus on Kolor Klimax. Jason Newcomb on Abstract Comics. Jim Martin on Amazing Mysteries. Todd Klein on Swamp Thing #8, the Avengers movie, Legion: Secret Origin #6 and Justice League #7. Don MacPherson on World's Finest #1. Erica Friedman on this year's Girls Jump. Grant Goggans on Milk & Cheese.

* happy third anniversary to Katherine Dacey at Manga Critic; go win a book from her.

* Clifford Meth reminds that the Dave Cockrum and Gene Colan scholarships at the Kubert School continue to do good in those late cartoonists' names.

* finally, Drawn and Quarterly posts about photos and comics from Vanessa Davis and the latest news from Adrian Tomine.
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