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May 14, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* every possible condolence to Kate Beaton on the loss of her beloved sister.

image* Ben Yakas talks to Roz Chast.

* nearly forgot to recommend this Matt Seneca piece on several older comics of the kind you're likely to find in a long-time diminishing bookstore. It's intriguing to read someone from the alt-/art comics side of things with a measured view of the Darwyn Cooke Parker books. Dan Nadel's referred-to dick-punching of the series was fun to read in the way of all strongly-worded, opinionated pieces, but I thought it missed the point that the prose books are strong enough to encompass different approaches that veer away from the originals in drastic fashion. Certainly that's a leeway granted the best-liked movie version. It's a tough road for any comic, having to compete against imaginary versions by Mort Meskin (Nadel) and Eddie Campbell (Seneca).

* finally: Oliver Kamm on the genius of Asterix, spurred on by a major new art-show opening.
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