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May 19, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I had a ton of fun reading Shannon Smith's long-delayed report on this year's FLUKE.

image* Rob Clough profiles Ray Ray Books.

* so apparently Julie Doucet made a poster that will be used as an enticement/inducement to donate to SAW.

* Chris Mautner talks to Noah Van Sciver.

* not comics: I don't follow the various TV shows and movies that are spun off of comics ideas very closely, but the SHIELD related program that ABC had this year was sort of fascinating in a bunch of ways modern TV can be interesting. I was sort of shocked how cheaply produced the show looked, for instance. After some poorly received episodes -- except maybe for kids, if anecdotal evidence serves -- a burst of the final episodes tied into the recent movie starring Captain America got at least some comics/concept fans back on board.

* congratulations to Carol Tilley on securing tenure.

* Corey Blake catches that Dark Horse has enjoyed a recent surge in Direct Market sales relative to its competitors.

* this is the last time I liked one of those superhero comic future armageddon scenarios. I really only ever liked three: the Baddoon scenarior from Guardians Of The Galaxy when I was a kid, Days Of Future Past (original storyline only) and this one. I like the first because it was a new idea to me and it was puzzling to me how little the superheroes mattered under this scenario, I liked the second because it was pretty ruthlessly bleak and made for nice commentary on murder as a political tactic, and I liked the third because it was imaginatively executed and very briskly told.

* Art Lortie remembers the late Dick Ayers.

* not comics: one of the things we frequently forget about in comics is how comics exists in the context of an absolute crisis across the board in publishing: here's a lengthy piece that was recommended to me on the troubles facing university presses.

* Joe Keatinge shows off his comics shelves.

* John Kane on various comics. Joe Gordon on Cat And Meringue and Hoax: Psychosis Blues. Ken Parille on a number of Koyama books. Rob Kirby on Rudy. Paul Buhle on The Best Of Comix Book. Greg Hunter on Andre The Giant. Johanna Draper Carlson on Andre The Giant.

* finally, that's quite the line for Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman at Gaithersburg Book Festival.
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