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May 23, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Michael Buntag on Jerusalem. Sean Kleefeld on Bird Witch and New Mutants #45. Richard Bruton on Celeste. Team Page45 on various comics. David Brothers on Wolfsmund, particularly Vol. 3. Rob Clough on various mini-comics. Todd Klein on LOEG: Nemo: The Roses Of Berlin. Sean Gaffney on Hetalia Axis Powers Vol. 6. Brian Nicholson on Pretty Deadly Vol. 1. Paul O'Brien on X-Men: No More Humans. Henry Chamberlain on The Last Broadcast #1. Barack Obama on You'll Never Know.

* this crowd-funder from Erika Moen is likely to do extremely well.

* Hannah Means-Shannon profiles Nobrow.

* there's an interesting article by Calvin Reid here about the comics-publishing subcategory on the crowd-funding mechanism Kickstarter and some of the numbers involved in broader terms. I'm sort of fascinated by the amount of money being spent on crowd-funders that way -- especially until Fantagraphics came along and did theirs, I thought there was a lot of money being spent given the routine quality of comics it facilitated, although I realize that just saying so makes me a gigantic turd in the eyes of some. Sorry about that. But I know at one point 15 years ago a lot of folks in comics considered Tundra something of a massively wasteful project overall and a lot less money was spent on projects through that company and I'm not sure all of crowdfunding has given us a From Hell or a Tantalizing Stories... at least not yet. Maybe it's simply we spend more to get less that way, or less of a certain kind of book. Or maybe I have old man taste, I don't know.

* David Harper and Brian Salvatore talk to Greg Rucka.

* Frank Bramlett looks at the football player Michael Sam through the lens of editorial cartooning from the perspective of a knowledge American football fan interested in Sam's story and living in a different country.

* you can hear about the writer Brian Michael Bendis giving one of those regional TED talks and then go watch it starting here.

* Meghan Turbitt gets as sentimental as Meghan Turbitt is ever likely to get.

* finally, there's a very nice, lengthy, on-the-scene/on-the-ground write-up from James Moore on the recent Dan Clowes weekend in Columbus, Ohio.
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