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May 30, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Henry Chamberlain on Will & Whit. John Adcock on Alley Oop Sundays Vol. 1. Frank Santoro on Everywhere Antennas. Nick Smith on Max Brooks' The Extinction Parade.

* Heidi MacDonald suggests that some cons are going to be terrible and not do well. I agree with MacDonald, and I would suggest further that it can take a long time to develop an audience for shows, particuarly shows of a specific nature. This just sounds like a crummy one, though.

* Matt O'Keefe talks to Mark Waid. Frederik Hautain talks to Tom Muller. Reid Vanier talks to Jeff Smith. BYUTV Sports profiles Aaron Taylor. Dan Berry talks to Simon Moreton. Matt Emery talks to Ant Sang.

* people sometimes don't take seriously the notion you could argue that Jack Davis is our greatest living cartoonist, but he went through a lengthy period of producing near-divine work every time out.

* not comics: hooray for cash prizes!

* I'm looking forward to reading this Robert Stanley Martin post on Howard The Duck. Here's what was used in the making of that article. I am always similarly thrilled when a new Qiana Whitted article shows up, and I will devour that one as soon as I can, too.

* not comics: love the shoes.

* here's a look at Jim Borgman's studio.

* finally, Zainab Akhtar on the curious case of OK Cola. True story: when I was walking around the neighborhood trying to find Fantagraphics back in Fall 1994, I was able to find out because there was an OK Cola poster in the window.
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