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June 2, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Bob Temuka remembers a favorite comic book story of his youth.

* the Page 45 people on a bunch of different comics. Phil Nel on The Complete Cul De Sac.

* not comics: three years from now we could have a dozen mobile comic book stores. Think about it: if I could score four or five hardcore buyers just by driving to their house? That's a founation for a business right there. And there are brick and mortar stores that started as subscription/delivery services.

* Michael Cavna picks editorial cartoons he likes about the recent VA Hospital wait-time scandal.

* not comics: the sometimes cartoonist Tim Kreider writes on the rolling, constant mass-murder gun scandal that will never go away. He does talk about the fecklessness of cartooning on certain issues in there, but mostly it's just a straight-forward op-ed piece that people from high school and college keep linking to on Facebook.

* there have been a great many origin stories for the Emma Frost character originally created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, and all of them are sort of unpleasant.

* a preview for Alby Figgs. Something similar for Project Black Sky. And yet another, this time for Qviet.

* the folks at Comics Alternative talk to Craig Yoe. Somebody that seems to want to keep their name a secret talks to R. Sikoryak. Richard Bruton talks to Mike Medaglia. Paul Gravett profiles Coco Wang.

* finally, I guess Cameron Stewart is in Portland for the next couple of months.
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