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June 7, 2012

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it went up pretty late in the day yesterday, so in case you missed it: D+Q announced a third book in their relationship with manga master Shigeru Mizuki, this one from the Kitaro property by which the cartoonist made his name. That one should be fun to have.

image* James Sturm talks to Blaise Larmee and Julie Delporte, this year's CCS fellows. Lary Wallace talks to Dick DeBartolo. Albert Ching talks to Cullen Bunn.

* Gary Phillips writes about Marvel's black superheroes then and now -- then being the Civil Rights and post-Civil Rights era in which many made their initial appearance; now being an age where none of them can seemingly carry a solo comic book.

* all best wishes to Laura Park.

* Bill Kartalopoulos on a bunch of different comics. David Brothers on Dr. Slump. Rob Clough on Daybreak. Greg McElhatton on Fairy Tales Of Oscar Wilde Vol. 5. Christopher Allen on Jack Kirby's Spirit World. J. Caleb Mozzocco on Green Lantern Corps: The Weaponer. Matt Seneca on Chimera. Charles Hatfield on To Get Her. Neil Gaiman talks to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

* I always find it odd when someone writes about the entirety of comics, and all of their examples come from one small group of them. I'm sure the article in question is fun, but it was hard for me to do more than scan after I noticed that. That's kind of jerky, I know.

* Ben Morse writes about the first X-Men comic he read and why it worked for him.

* well, that's sort of creepy.

* Beau Smith writes on the comic book's last stand. If the comic book is going down, I personally hope I get to stick around to see Smith play Warren Oates in that scene from near the end of The Wild Bunch.

* it's the dog that makes this drawing work.

* oh to live wherever one has to live to have Max illustrations pop up in your reading material.

* finally, I am greatly appreciative of reader Robert Gilmour writing in to present his opinion on this site's coverage of Spain Rodriguez. I don't agree with the thrust of his letter, but I'm always happy to run a dissenting point of view presented in a classy, responsible way.
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