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June 9, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* it looks like the CBR forums are back up, and I wish them luck with their new policies. As I wrote at the time they announced the closure, purge and reopening, I admire Jonah's decision to be self-criticial in terms of how his site might have been contributing to an unfriendly, even hostile, readership community.

image* Brian Nicholson appreciates Super Enigmatix. Dominic Umile on Andre The Giant. Hillary Brown on This One Summer. Jared Gardner on Celeste. The Page 45 folks on a lot of different comics.

* Karen Green took a tour of the New Yorker offices and provides photographic evidence of said trip. Look at those cartoon archives!

* Charles Brownstein visited Charles Vess' studio. I always enjoy when Brownstein writes about comics-makers.

* if you're in Tulsa I thought you might want to go to Jim Blanchard's art show before the closing reception and a different notice of it here.

* these are the successful licenses that former license-writing master turned successful superhero comics writer Dan Slott would like to engage. I still would like to do some QED comics, and you never see that one on lists like this.

* the days are counting down for Frank Santoro's summer correspondence course.

* I'm a great fan of the little stuffed bull Bully's old-school blogging consistency, particularly the features that he runs that must count on an absolutely encyclopedic knowledge of what's in one's collection. I couldn't come close to matching what goes on at that site. Plus the subjects are interesting, too. Here's a new feature on various version of the "Crime Alley" part of Batman's origin.

* Brigid Alverson writes about diversity of character in what I might call the American comic book mainstream and the American graphic novel publishing mainstream.

* Uncivilized Books would like to sell you some of the comics made by Gabriele Bell, and is willing to group them at a discount as a form of encouragement. Those are all fun works.

* Jennifer Willis profiles the writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction.

* Joe McCulloch would like you to know about at least one conservative manga before you flap your gums.

* finally, what a fun picture of Charles Burns. We're about due for a big period of re-fascination with Burns.
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