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June 11, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* gentleman Jim Rugg.

image* Nina Stone on Drinking At The Movies. Anna Carey on Love Bunglers. Etelka Lehoczky on Walt Before Skeezix. Rich Barrett on a bunch of different comics. Rob Clough on the works of Luke Pearson.

* that John Wise collection brought in $1.5M. I'm told by a bunch of people that the market for all older comic books other than very specific character ones is going to collapse in the next two decades, as we lose that generation of fans that value those comics across the board. I guess we'll see.

* this sounds interesting; not familiar with this comic at all.

* Aaron Alexander talks to Steve Lieber. Jason of Jason Loves Life talks to Keiler Roberts. Francisco Vilhena talks to Adrian Tomine. Lauren Loftis talks to Greg Stump.

* Dan Nadel has me looking the latest Arnold Roth cartoons.

* I very much enjoyed this Alex Ross interview by Kiel Phegley. He talks at length about the art he's been doing for Marvel recently.

* whoa, young Bill Sienkiewicz.

* Paul Levtiz extols the virtues of Joe Orlando, Joe Orlando's work as reprinted by Fantagraphics, and reminds that there's a scholarship fund bearing Orlando's name.

* finally, Sean Kleefeld on Funky Winkerbean. I actually think the tonal shifts in that strip are kind of amazing, and while I get the humor that Kleefeld notes is a part of the reaction to those shifts, one of the reasons the humor works is because the cartoonist is so committed to what he's doing. That's not a country mile close to what Kleefeld is discussing, though.
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