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June 13, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Carla Hoffman ranks Marvel's men of science.

* Alex Hoffman on Over The Wall, This One Summer, Gangsta, Petty Theft and Strong Female Protagonist. Alex Carr on Miracleman Vol. 1. Jon Morris on What If...?

* Sonia Harris looks at the superhero comics trope of secret identities for any insight it might have into on-line vs. off-line personae and related social constructions.

* some nice person at Illustration Concentration profiles Caitlin McGurk. Josie Campbell talks to Jeff Parker.

* go, look: Noah Van Sciver on country music.

* this Brandon Montclare quote gets at a piece of conventional wisdom among professional that I'm not sure the rest of comics has adopted to the same extent. Individual comics sales can be a big deal to creators when they're working well. Not just a big deal in terms of comics versus trades, but a big deal in terms of comics versus everything, including other-media deals.

* this has to be the best mustache photo in comics and cartooning history.

* finally, a broad and probably deeply biased take on the status that the variety of free material available out there confers upon music.
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