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June 14, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Todd Klein on Pogo Vol. 1. Doug Zawisza on Thor: God Of Thunder #9. Various critics on Superman: Unchained #1. Henry Barajas on Kinski #1-2.

* here are some nice installation photos from the Dan Clowes exhibit going up in Chicago.

* I read this comic. It was a weird comic.

* here are one site's picks for Superman comics done right. I'm always distrustful of that turn of phrase, because I don't know that there exists a right way to do a character that is divorced from its original creators like that. Assumed fan ownership of someone else's characters freaks me out a little bit.

* I am certain I would quite enjoy seeing a documentary about Herblock.

* Dick Locher isn't exactly taking it super-easy in retirement.

* Yohan Radomski profiles Feng Zikai.

* finally Mark Kardwell sings the praises of Ming Doyle.
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