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June 15, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* not comics: Dirk Wood addresses America's point of no return in the opening essay to Full Bleed 2. I always thought that modern America flipped the switch to on when the idea was introduced -- not as directly as many remember, but still -- that America could shop and go to work and make normal the post-9/11 landscape.

* the indy/arts comics seminal figure Milton Knight wrote in to say that the money from recent fundraising efforts allowed him the cushion to move from his horrible situation and to a new town. I'm very happy for him and good on any CR readers that lent him a hand. Comics has a generous heart. He notes that there's a contentious coda you can search out on this site. It would be nice if property owners and managers answered initial inquiries from those they serve as quickly as they answer on-line commentary.

* finally: I missed this article when it first come out, and I literally can't get past the first paragraph because I'm old and stuff keeps popping up in the original framing, BUT it looks like someone's giving Chester Gould's Dick Tracy a spin in comic books again. I don't have that Dick Tracy thing that I think men a generation previous to mine do. Its execution is super-interesting, but it doesn't have the conceptual strength that is frequently applied to it. It would take some clever creative alchemy to make a non-Gould version really work.
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