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June 18, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* James Romberger on Genius, Animated. Rob McMonigal on Farmer's Dilemma. Alexa Dickman on Comics: A Global History, 1968 To Present. Todd Klein on Justice League #30. Tom Murphy on Wildfire #1.

* here's a short run of words from Brian Michael Bendis on variant covers that was pointed out to me yesterday.

* JK Parkin notes two former DC editorial figures finding purchase with new companies: Katie Kubert, Kyle Andrukiewicz. I wish both of those folks the best with the new gigs: that is not an easy industry in which to find work.

* not comics: hey, this sounds set up to succeed.

* here's an unexpected surprise: Dan Nadel provides a bibliography for his now-defunct publishing house PictureBox, Inc. He recommends this memorial column, which I'm not sure I've read.

* Sean Kleefeld caught word of a fun-sounding collection on loan in conjunction with the Kenosha cartooning festival that will remain up for a while.

* Darryl Cunningham has a very distinctive style.

* finally, here's Alexa Dickman on Drew Friedman's forthcoming portraits of comics creators and women that could have received that treatment but did not. This kind of criticism isn't everyone's favorite, but I think it's more than fair to suggest a different approach than what an author provides.
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