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June 20, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Oily Comics subscriptions are back open. There is no more entertaining interaction with comics going than to receive all these mini-minis in the mail on a regular basis. I recommend the six-month plan.

image* in case anyone needs reminding, Jack Kirby was the best.

* Sean T. Collins on Pim & Francie. Here are some mini-comics reviews at Comics Bulletin.

* I don't want to run a By Request Extra today just for someone that's already met their goals, but this Tim Danko crowd-funder is in its last hours and some of you might want to hop on board.

* not comics: always fun to read a Tim Kreider piece, even though between you and me, and I can be pretty sure he's not reading this: total jerk.

* Jeff Strickler profiles the not-brothers tandem of Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon. Reed Tucker profiles Matt Hollingsworth. Tim O'Shea talks to Brandon Seifert.

* I always like these cool mainstream covers posts. I don't have the immersion in mainstream comics to make this distinction in a strong way, but my suspicion is that we're in a really good era for mainstream comics cover-making.

* finally, Philly Wintle writes about graphic novels.
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