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June 21, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Keith Silva on Algeria Is Beautiful Like America.

* Here's a bunch of Rob Rogers firing links. I can't believe people think like this. I guess they do. Bill Clinton was a liar and I'm sure President Obama was, but a failed promise isn't a lie and there can be multiple liars. Really. It's its own thing. If we can't even parse the language the same way it gives me very little hope that arguing will ever solve anything. Of course, we have 20 years of the Internet now to know that as truth. Here's a fairly rational letter from a reader of the Times. There are no rules, really, but a vision for an editorial cartoonist that allows for a dissent is healthier for everyone. I say that as someone who rarely agrees with newspaper cartoonists, and worked on a newspaper staff with a heavy conservative slant. I don't know how making editorial cartoons collaborations or suggesting that a cartoonist's output is the same as the pieces written by an editorial board squares with anything short of a deranged history as to how newspapers best work. I'm glad to see the idea it was a single cartoon responsible debunked. This is much scarier. It's nice to see it projected on buildings, but this was a repudiation of an entire political point of view and of a way of doing cartoons that people have accepted for more than half a century. There wasn't a straw that broke this camel's back; that animal was skinned.

* finally: god save us all from entitled rich kids that can't function as human beings. Screw typing out his name. All love and support to the survivors.
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