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June 22, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Hillary Brown talks to Simon Hanselmann. Tobias Carroll talks to Gail Simone & Cat Staggs.

* Abraham Riesman writes an article about the kids-comic part of the comics industry in a way that gives significant attention to Raina Telgemeier and manga, which is a rare thing, unfortunately. Jeff Smith, Jenni and Matt Holm, Gene Luen Yang, they're all in there.

* Landry Q Walker writes a response to maybe that article, maybe a couple of other ones. No matter the case, it's interesting.

* that's a nice way to celebrate the King's 100th, I guess. I have a hard time figuring out if things like that are widely meaningful or meaningful in a focused way or just more noise. I'm pretty sure it beats not getting that specific recognition. It's also still weird to see Disney accommodate the Marvel stuff as Disney stuff, but I guess 50 years from now there's a chance no one sees that distinction.

* finally, here's an old-school profile of a writer and a gig: Steve Orlando and one of the Justice League books.
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