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June 24, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I totally missed this last week, but Neil Gaiman provided his perspective on his latest legal go-round with Todd McFarlane.

image* the artist Fabio Moon's sketches are very pretty.

* you now have the opportunity to befriend Jeff Smith and Len Wein on Facebook.

* what JH Williams III and Matt Madden have been up to.

* Bully offers up the longest post I could ever imagine on the subject of an in-continuity Marvel technological device called the Image Inducer. This was a device by which the most freakish-looking of the All-New X-Men could operate in public without someone staring at them, which eventually become the focal point of tiresome speech after tiresome speech -- one of which Bully includes -- over how using the device meant that the character in question was hiding their true self from the world. I actually liked it the original way it was used, but one of the obvious shifts in the X-Men mythology in the 1980s was that the X-Men were no longer victims constantly getting their asses kicked and needing every advantage not to be stoned to death in public but instead were separate-society badasses who could will things on the wider world through their noble actions. I found the latter much less interesting, and given the basic metaphors in play, potentially ugly. Although I will admit that as a reflection of the real X-Men metaphor, nerds and nerds culture, it's probably apt.

* Brian Warmoth discovers that DC has an iPad app, and looks forward to using it.

* John Platt uses the opportunity provided by the recent Green Hornet trailer to write an article for general pop-culture fans about sidekicks.

* not comics: a fun part of a Doctor Strange movie in its early stages will be the number of Hollywood stars 35-50 who will put themselves out there quietly or publicly for a potential Robert Downey Jr.-style career-crystallizing franchise lead role in an era where those things are starting to skew younger. Comics fans read a lot into such casting. When I wrote a post for NeilAlien's blogday a while back that suggested there was an established A-list star out there for such a film, those few folks that commented assumed I meant Johnny Depp, which was sort of fascinating in that I actually meant Leonardo DiCaprio. I would imagine the script and the money involved will drive them in a pretty specific direction, though, once it comes to that.

* finally, the writer and editor Bob Greenberger talks a bit about DC's memorial services for longtime employees and prominent freelancers once passed. I think that's a good tradition, and I wish more corners of comics were mindful of such things.
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