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June 25, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* this is a bit of Marvel history with which I was either always unfamiliar or have forgotten. While you're over at Brevoort's pad, check out his re-publication of Jack Kirby's NYT obit.

* early-'70s Stan Lee would like a word.

* not comics: this petition on behalf of that one Paul Conrad statue doesn't seem to be going very well, although I guess I could be misreading things.

* the slow, painful Vinko Bogatajing of the American newspaper continues.

* some nice person at G3 talks to Christian Hoffer. Someone at A Moment Of Cerebus talks to the great Roger Langridge.

* solid advice from Brian Bendis. You can also take the reverse lesson and realize that when you're a writer you can wear whatever the hell you want.

* I love that word "docent."

* finally, this is a very nice letter the writer Kathryn Immonen received. I sometimes get confused when people find solace in comic book characters, but I do remember one particularly bad stretch of my life as a young man in the 1980s when I took comfort in certain television shows and football teams. Whatever gets you through the night.
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