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June 26, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* I think I missed Gene Luen Yang joining the CBLDF board of directors. He will be a very effective ambassador for them.

image* Rob Clough on Young Frances.

* not comics: I would have to think that Nicole will be very, very good at this.

* Steve Foxe talks to Brian Michael Bendis. Michael Dooley talks to Robert Williams. Alex Dueben talks to Niki Smith. Greg Hunter talks to Laura Lannes. AJ Frost talks to Neal Adams.

* Heidi MacDonald takes a brief survey of initial pushback on DC's latest Wal-Mart announcement, which includes exclusive content from top talent. It's mostly just fighting/promoting the idea of the issues involved rather than a realistic portrait of how those issues will play out. I don't see a connection between the two markets that isn't dogmatic in nature and conception.

* finally: all of us have been or still are Noah Van Sciver in this cartoon.
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