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June 27, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on Skin To Skin, The Strange, Soon We're Both Screaming and Worst.

* here's a new editorial cartoon controversy, over a Steve Bell cartoon his editor felt referenced the Holocaust in a way it shouldn't have. Bell's protest reached enough people on the newspaper staff the cartoon eventually leaked. This seems a more sophisticated discussion than simply a matter of which political viewpoint is being engaged and there are no easy answers even if you think the question isn't all that difficult.

* the differences between film and comics are so vast that even if I agree with every notion laid out in this article, I'd have a hard time aligning with potential comic book truths. But it's a nice thing for a general mental meander into how the interaction between customer and art form is directly shaped by the particulars the industry puts on point.

* finally: Kevin Anderson writes about the Rob Rogers situation noting that the dramatic firing of Rogers over the content of his cartoons had a predecessor in the industry about-face on the value of staff cartooning. In both cases it wasn't the content it was the idea that the paper needed to negotiate the living, breathing cartoonist that made them. This is never a problem when editors simply choose a syndicated cartoon to fit.
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