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June 28, 2013

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Graeme McMillan asks why publishers spoil their own stories. I think it's odd that in many cases, those stories aren't really stories, they're a series of plot points and changes in the status quo. Since that's the case, I can almost see arguing that it hardly matters where that kind of thing is communicated. In other words, I doubt that anyone's overall enjoyment of that Ultron story would have surged had they not known of the plot point in question; they just would have enjoyed that specific plot reveal more.

image* Rob Jackson on Sky In Stereo #2. Greg McElhatton on Hawkeye #11.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco calls bullshit on this super-claim.

* John Hogan talks to Prudence Shen. Josie Campbell talks to Paul Levitz.

* this is interesting: Big Planet Comics will take over the back end of the Retrofit Comics project that Box Brown has been spearheading. I admire that project and I've liked some of the comics. I will say, though, that I think they've been super hit and miss content-wise, at least the ones I've read, including one of the worst comics I've ever encountered from an ostensibly talented cartoonist. So hopefully this will provide more time to better develop and curate the content end of things as well. Pamphlet comics can provide a significant opportunity to develop talent as well as an audience for that talent, so I'd love to see this project do well moving forward.

* at some point in the very near future there will be a dozen or more presentations at conventions with an on-line afterlife. Until then, enjoy this presentation from the recent show in Charlotte.

* D+Q brags on NPR bragging on D+Q.

* big Peanuts sale over at the Fantagraphics site. You want all the Peanuts.

* finally, I can't remember if I linked to this ELCAF report or not. Man, there are a lot of comics shows now.
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