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July 1, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* there is no more pressing issue for our industry. Actually, that is super-useful. I just use that hole-in-the-wall one, whatever is on sale, but I am a sad, old drunk.

image* Chris Sims on Superman #32. Don MacPherson on Superman #32 and Outcast #1. Richard Bruton on Corpse Talk. Joshuaon on Little Nemo In The Palace Of Ice.

* I enjoyed looking at this odd John McCrea Judge Dredd-related art.

* is there a quality cartoonist who has more of the bulk of their work in hard to find, obscure publications than John Pham?

* I look forward to carving some time to get into the late Etta Hulme's life a bit. She didn't get her break at the Fort Worth newspaper that was her primary platform for cartoon-making until her late forties. That strikes as potentially just as interesting as the parts of her admirable journey that had to do with working in editorial cartoons as a woman. She had a nice, easy-on-the-eyes style. Michael Cavna collected testimonials.

* some nice person at The Two Page Spread interviewed Chris Stevens. Kate Tuttle profiles Box Brown.

* Bully notes a funny narrative detail error in the recent Miracleman reprint.

* Richard Burton recommends a Lizzy Lunney fumetti.

* finally, Torsten Adair writes about some of the comics-related stuff at the recent ALA conference in Vegas.
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