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July 4, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Richard Bruton on From Sand To Sky. Nick Smith on How The World Was. I liked that one a lot, and I'm not the biggest fan of other works from that cartoonist. I bet I'll be in minority on this one, too.

* what Brian Hibbs sold in book form; what Brian Hibbs sold in comics form. Egad, those Image trades.

* not comics: at about 1:12 here they discuss the widely disliked Nets/Marvel mascot promotional partnership.

* they are starting with the convention exclusive announcement and I am blocking all of my high school friends on e-mail and facebook until August 1.

* what a nice thing all of these people donating on their own initiative to the Team Cul De Sac effort.

* the writer Ron Marz on finding that significant distraction from the act of writing, something that can be very important particular for a writer with rigorous deadlines.

* finally, part of this particular picture being confusing to me is likely part of the "spy" element of that title, but is there any character more major than Dick Grayson with such an unsettled basic look? I have no idea what that guy is supposed to look like out of costume, and I think I have that for most of the other major superheroes.
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