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July 6, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* your "if you have time for only one feature today" of the day: Matt Seneca has a big interview up with Shaky Kane at his review site Death To The Universe.

* that's assuming you've already watched this.

image* from Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo, the League Of Extraordinary Atlas Babes.

* the person who gave Wonder Woman a cultural boost by featuring her prominently in on magazine-of-the-moment Ms., Gloria Steinem speaks to the point about the Wonder Woman reboot -- the new costume reveals some silly biases; the story as described reveals severely limited thinking.

* whoa, these Steve Bissette sketches look pretty great.

* Jeet Heer talks about why we need criticism. It's a fine post, as is most everything Heer puts on-line, and I agree with the general notions involved even if I would prefer to phrase it that criticism has value rather than we need it. On the other hand, it occurred to me the other day that on a certain fundamental level I don't care if any of my writing is necessary or not, I'm still going to write. I feel blessed to have a modest audience, and if it were possible I'd spend the next ten years doing nothing but thanking them, but I've never felt I was made legitimate by an audience. I'm not really phrasing that very well, but I mean it in a very benign way so whatever way you can read that and not be mad at me, that's probably closest to what I mean.

* this made me laugh.

* not comics: for me the faithfulness issue with movie adaptations was settled when Peter Jackson's boys' adventure version of The Lord Of The Rings turned out to be entertaining and made a ton of money. Faithfulness isn't a factor, and it's pretty much always fanboy self-aggrandizement to suggest that it is.

* finally, the web-comics auctions to benefit the Gulf Coast have begun. Bargains abound.
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