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July 8, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Johanna Draper Carlson follows up on a story she pursued about the Friends Of Lulu and their standing with the IRS.

image* this post put a smile on my face: Bhob Stewart has the text of the legendary letters exchange between Carl Barks and some dedicated fans, and the story behind the missives.

* the cartoonist Dustin Harbin returns with work for you to see after a post-Heroes Con, pre-quitting Heroes Con leave of absence from his comics-posting habits.

* I'm not certain how it got into my bookmarks folder, but check out all the cool-looking stuff to buy from Ron Rege, Jr. While I'm at it, this new signed print from Todd Klein and Bill Willingham is also easy on the eyes.

* Paul Pope draws the Beatles.

* the firecracker-hot JH Williams presents a recent Wonder Woman cover and some sketches for your old costume viewing pleasure.

* two pass-alongs via Devlin Thompson from the sites Letterheady and Letters Of Note: a killer page of Captain Marvel club stationery; a note from Mickey Mouse to a concerned doctor. Thanks, Devlin.

* finally, I love the thought of anyone putting a RASL cover image on a cake. I love the photos, too.
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