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July 9, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Thom Trainor, RIP.

image* John Seven on The Winner. Robert Boyd on Lost In The Fun Zone. Claire Armitstead on Dull Margaret.

* Sean Clancy profiles Nate Powell, who is back with a new book when a lot of artists would still be halfway through their March victory lap. He's so prodigious that I think it works against him a bit, and we shouldn't let that happen.

* not comics: the childhood home of influential Warner Bros animator Charles Thorson gets some love. Speaking of that kind of thing, it looks like we may get a statue of the King Of Regional Cartoonists, 20th Century Edition -- Phil Frank.

* missed it: Jen Sorensen celebrates the 4th of July.

* Tony Kennedy digs into the fly-fishing cartoons of Jack Ohman. If there's anything I love more than an editorial cartoonist with a specific sub-culture in which they're interested, I'm not certain I could tell you what that is.

* I like how Bill Morrison gets all of his collaborators mentioned on a Yellow Submarine adaptation.

* finally: I'm dumb enough this took me a second, but pretty neat with the colors there.
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