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July 10, 2018

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Rob Clough on Tsu & The Outliers. Wayne Alan Brenner on The Winner.

* I had this weird thing going on this winter into the spring where I was seemingly allergic to awards winners. Here's one I missed/skipped: the Max und Mortiz Preis given out at Erlangen. Those strike me as solid winners top to bottom.

* go, look: Ellen Lindner works through her baseball obsession.

* I appreciate this resources. Looks like there's still some back-and-forth turmoil in the Lee camp but things seem more stable as they sort out who speaks for aged comics icon. I wonder if they'll sort it out before the whole thing ends up in estate court or wherever. This is such an outsized series of events that it's hard not to find the humor in some of it, but in the end there's nothing funny about potential elderly abuse and the kind of fighting that takes place for other folks' money, even when there is a range of intentions from benign to exploitative.

* festival extra: the Latin Comics Expo names the dates for their Spring 2019 show.

* finally, Mike Lynch writes about teaching cartooning.
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