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July 11, 2014

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* this weekend is the last one for the Seattle Rep's run on the well-received stage adaptaiton of Kavalier and Clay. I would have liked to have seen that, and assume I will get the chance to see someone's shot at it at some point.

image* Todd Klein on Frankenstein Alive, Alive #3. Sean T. Collins on How To Be Happy. Zainab Akhtar on Vile Decay.

* this is a stretch as a Danish Cartoons Hangover update, but I wanted to mention this story anyway. The on-line recruitment elements of the Colleen LaRose case have been utilized in this more recent case having nothing to do with the cartoons as a comparative, which makes me think that law enforcement officials consider Internet activity of a social nature a potential seedbed for illegal activity. I mean, they probably always did, but seeing "Jihad Jane" brandished as some sort of historical precedent as opposed to this collection of very regrettable moments in a sad person's life really drove that home for me.

* Tim O'Shea talks to Chris Roberson and Eleanor Davis. Steve Sunu talks to Jeff Lemire.

* nothing I don't love about there being a comics library in St. Petersburg.

* not comics: Ted Rall is right -- on the general principle of oppositional journalism, anyway.

* finally, somehow I missed that the recent Spongebob annual had a Fletcher Hanks riff going on in one of its short stories, courtesy of Paul Karasik and man-of-1000-styles R. Sikoryak. I blame sucking at my job.
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