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July 11, 2017

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Philippe Leblanc on Citizen Justice.

* another missive on survivors from a war already lost: the Baltimore Sun has announced plans to close what was at one time a giant in the independent weekly field, Baltimore's City Paper. That was once one of the bellwethers for success in syndication for alt-weekly strips. Derf takes note.

* not comics: Abraham Riesman's revised list of best superhero movies since Blade makes me think the writer takes in every stray cat and spends most of his brunches defending every band's dumbest album.

* The Beat shows off some of the art from the three-page comics Marvel will be using to explain their characters in forthcoming comics. When I was a kid I always liked reverse-engineering these complicated narratives, but I also liked throwing acorns at things and poking dead animals with a stick.

* not comics: watched the lego Batman movie the other night and shouldn't the character Forge in the X-Men comics be a lot more fun?

* finally, Giaco Furino profiles the Dandelion Wine Collective. That's a positive and illuminating read.
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